4Logic Condensate Control

4Logic Condensate control enables every point in your compressor system to be drained of contaminates and condensate in an economical, efficient and safe manner.
A pneumatic system is a safe system. Apart from the electrical supply feed to the PLC, there are no other electrical requirements. Installing nylon tubing is all that is required to complete your condensate management system.

  • Simple & safe installation/operation
  • 24/7 timing functionality
  • High quality, drain valves with cleanable strainer and isolation assembly
  • Components to make a complete installation
  • System complete with all necessary
  • Multi-voltage (110/240 50-60Hz)
  • 4-way or 8-way system option available

PolySep Condensate System

The PolySep addresses the inability of the traditional gravity separators to handle emulsions, such as polyglycol lubricant. The unique design of the PolySep system utilizes a proprietary adsorption module to "break" the chemical bond and entrain the emulsified lubricant within the adsorption module. The solids are collected in the adsorption module and the cleaned condensate safely disposed of into the sanitary sewer.


  • Works with biodegradable (polyglycol) fluids and Ultra Coolant
  • Also works with Mineral Oil, PAO's, Polysol Esters & Diesters
  • No electricity – rated for 250 psi
  • Fully automatic
  • Multiple capacities - allows for systems that use multiple equipment with different lubricant to be sent to one location for separation
  • Easy to maintain - adsorption modules are sized to operate 8,000-hrs/1 year under standard operating conditions. Adsorption modules are self-contained and are very easy to change out and dispose of.
  • One-year warranty.

Flow Divider

The Flow Divider is a condensate management and distribution system for all oil / water separators.


  • Balances flow rate:
  • Prevents separator overload
  • Designed for system expansion
  • Improves operation of all oil/water separators
  • Automatically manages condensate volume
  • Maximizes life of carbon elements
  • Has three inlet ports and four outlet ports


All oil / water separators are designed to process condensate based on an average hourly flow rate, yet the amount of condensate destined for separation changes every hour. This is due to changes in the climatic conditions (temperature and humidity) and actual air demands (cfm) in an air system.

The Flow Divider is designed to provide the balance that a condensate separation system needs. First, condensation enters the Flow Divider through a tangential inlet whose purpose is to automatically slow down the velocity of the condensate through cyclonic action. A vent filter reduces misting as wasted compressed air is exhausted, while a liquid seal prevents pressurizing the reservoir. Second, gravity gently draws the depressurized condensate into the collection and storage vessel where the solids drop out and the liquid allowed accumulating. Third, the stored condensate is automatically metered at a controlled flow rate to the awaiting oil/water separators.

With the Flow Divider, you now have the ability to install one device that will efficiently manage the incoming condensate from any type of drain system. Using the Flow Divider to manage and balance your condensate load will improve efficiency of your oil/water separators system.

Electronic Drain Valve

The EDV-2000 is a full feature automatic electronic drain valve that cost effectively removes condensate from compressors, receivers, dryers, aftercoolers, filters and drip legs. Each EDV-2000 includes an electric drain, manual blowdown valve, and a strainer/ball valve, which prevents debris from clogging the drain valve. The maximum pressure is 250 PSI.

  • Manual test button
  • Two-year warranty
  • Prevents rusting
  • Delivers drier air to extend the life of tools and pneumatic equipment
  • Eliminates manual draining



The Ingersoll Rand ENLDs have an electronic level sensing capability which only discharges when condensate is present, thus preventing unnecessary loss of valuable compressed air. This intelligent sensing system operates with all levels of condensate from 100% oil to 100% water. ENLDs are supplied with power cord and line strainer.


  • Designed to complement all compressed air systems including compressors, filters, water separators, dryers, coolers and receivers
  • Easy mounting and installation – no additional mounting brackets required.
  • Zero air loss, Zero energy loss, less maintenance and easy to access components.
  • 1 - year diaphragm seal guarantee, 5 - year warranty on the electronics and valve housing

Pneumatic No-Loss Drain (PNLD)


The Ingersoll Rand Pneumatic No-Loss Drain (PNLD) has an internal float that lifts as condensate accumulates inside the canister. When the condensate reaches a certain level, the float opens a valve to an actuation cylinder, which opens the condensate relief valve. Once the condensate is removed, the float falls to close the valve. No air is lost while the condensate is removed. The drain does not require any pre-setting or manual intervention. The drain is compatible with all types of compressor lubricant.

The maximum pressure is 200 psig, and the operating temperature range is 35 °F to 150 °F. The 52-oz drain is pilot-operated with an independent, clean, and dry air source between 55 and 120 psig. If an independent source is not available, then system air can be used, but it is recommended that the pilot air filter be replaced more frequently. The 16-oz drain, for 2-100 HP compressors, does not operate with a pilot, so the system air must be used.

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